Thanish Batcha is a research analyst at Amazon and competed in the Text Prediction Challenge, finishing in 1st place. He had the following to say about his experience:

This was my first competition in Quant-quest and I’m glad that I was able to finish in the front-line.

When I started, I felt weird a little submitting a code rather than a csv file as in conventional ML competitions. However, I started to like it when I had to write clean codes right away and didn’t have to worry about cleaning them later & reproducing the same results.

This competition helped me upskill myself in NLP and I enjoyed working on a domain I was not familiar with which excited me. Anybody who would like to work on real-world use cases and has a passion for machine learning, enjoys coding and competing, I would encourage you to sign-up right away.

Thanish Batcha


I'm the community lead at Auquan. Feel free to message me if you get into any problems. A fun fact about me is I actually studied medicine at university.


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