Team Convexy competed in the UK Data Science Varsity. The team was comprised of two London School of Economics (LSE) students: Artur and Wian.

Artur is currently a Global Markets Analyst at Deutsche Bank and previously worked as a Quant developer. He had the following advice for people thinking about joining a competition:

Wian and I were working on an extracurricular project through LSE’s Machine Learning society when we found Auquan’s Data Science Varsity competition. We immediately saw it as a great platform for benchmarking our skills in a nationwide competition and seeing how they size up against those of other students. The steep learning curve that would entail also intrigued us.

During the late nights, we gathered new and useful skills in the state-of-the-art machine learning models needed for solving the complex problems of natural language processing and time-series predictions. I can warmly recommend signing up for challenges like this one, as it comes with many valuable lessons and a lot of fun!

Artur Book

Wian is a data scientist for a UK based company called Lanterne. He also writes content for the Quant Quest and Auquan blogs – so check out his writings! On the competition, he had this to say:

It was a pleasure to compete in the Data Science Varsity held by Auquan. I was able to explore new problems that I had never come across before, such as text summarization in the NLP task. I particularly enjoyed working with my teammate, Arthur, because there is something amazing about sitting down, looking at complex problems, and then thinking creatively about solutions for those problems. Competing in competitions like this one really expands your level of competence in machine learning by exposing you to tasks you have never seen before, which helps you grow as a data scientist.

Wian Stipp


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