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14/11/2019 9:34 pm  

Auquan has teamed up with NextAI!



Next AI is Canada’s premier startup accelerator for entrepreneurs looking to solve global challenges with AI-enabled solutions.


They identify talented individuals or early-stage teams with ambitious solutions and leverage Canada’s leadership position in AI to provide them with the capital, mentorship, education and network to disrupt industries.


What's so good about Next AI?

  • Start-Up Visa support available for international applicants
  • Up to $150K in investment to scale your business
  • World-class curriculum from global faculty and AI experts
  • Access to leading AI tools and legal assistance
  • Top AI scientists, business mentors and advisors
  • Co-working space in Montreal or Toronto
  • Over $1M in in-kind value from partners like Google and Amazon


Next AI is delivered in Toronto and Montreal (Canada) from March to September each year. 


What this means for you?

Top entrepreneur(s) in the UK Data Science Varsity and Asia Data Science Open will be shortlisted directly to interview for Next AI’s 2021 programme. You have to have a demonstratable business or idea but you don’t have to have everything figured out.


We chose the 2021 programme as this allows you to finish any studying you are currently doing. Then you’ll have a couple months to hone your idea, before beginning the pitching process next September.


To take part in this amazing opportunity, check out the Asia Data Science Open:  

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