Using Topic Modelling to Analyse 10-K Filings – Notebook

Using_Topic_Modelling_to_Analyse_10_K_Filings_v3 Using Topic Modelling to Analyse 10-K Filings – Auquan¶ by Wian Stipp 1. Getting The Data¶ 1.1. Install Relevant Packages¶ In [0]: #prevents printing the install messages %%capture !pip install sec-edgar-downloader !pip install html2text In [0]: from sec_edgar_downloader import Downloader import textwrap import html2text import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as Read more…

A Guide to Creating Your First Context Capturing Text Feature

In this notebook we’ll be creating a feature to identify which news articles contain references to a certain semantic idea. We could do this for any idea/concept e.g. Resignation, War, Earthquakes, Corona Virus! For the sake of this example we’re just going to pick one topic: ‘war in the middle east’ that we hypothesise might be predictive of oil prices