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Pierre Brunello Testimonial

Pierre studied a masters in mathematics and computational finance at Oxford University before joining BlackRock as an analyst. Pierre competed in the Text Prediction Challenge and won several weekly feature prizes for his creative approaches. Read more…

Team Convexy Testimonial

Team Convexy competed in the UK Data Science Varsity. The team was comprised of two London School of Economics (LSE) students: Artur and Wian. Artur is currently a Global Markets Analyst at Deutsche Bank and Read more…

A Guide to Creating Your First Context Capturing Text Feature

In this notebook we'll be creating a feature to identify which news articles contain references to a certain semantic idea. We could do this for any idea/concept e.g. Resignation, War, Earthquakes, Corona Virus! For the sake of this example we're just going to pick one topic: 'war in the middle east' that we hypothesise might be predictive of oil prices